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3 Great Classics for Valentine’s Day

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I [/dropcap]f you’d rather stay in this Valentine’s Day, celebrate the holiday with a glass of wine and one of these classics available for free in our store.


Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

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When she first meets him, Elizabeth Bennet takes an immediate dislike to Mr. Darcy, a gentleman of the upper-class who she believes is surly and proud. Further, he had prevented the marriage between her eldest sister, Jane, and his friend Mr. Bingley, a wealthy young man who recently moved to the area. Elizabeth becomes convinced that Mr. Darcy is a horrid man, but as she gets to know him, she begins to realize that she may have been wrong about his character.


North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

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Margaret Hale, an educated young woman from a peaceful village in the south, moves to a mill town in north England when her father quits the church because he no longer agrees with its religious views. Though she dislikes her new industrial surroundings, she sympathizes with the mill workers and later finds herself falling in love with the mill owner, John Thornton.


A Room with a View by E.M. Forster

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Lucy Honeychurch, a young middle-class woman, meets two men while vacationing in Italy and is courted by them. When they both propose to her, Lucy must decide whether to choose who her heart desires or who will aid her social standing.


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