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5 Books In Honour of Black History Month


It’s February and It’s Black History Month! Black History Month is a very significant period globally. It’s where we look back at the accomplishments of black men and women throughout history who have helped to shape our world as we know it today and whose shoulders we now stand on. The best way to learn more about these great men and women, their experiences, achievements, and sacrifices is to READ. That’s where we come in.

Here are 5 books available at this Black History Month.


‘Garvey’s Ghost’ by Geoffrey 


Black History Month is the celebration of black excellence, such as the revolutionary teachings of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. So, what if you could combine revolution with mystery? Garvey’s Ghost is a thrilling suspense novel following a Jamaican’s mother’s desperate search for her missing daughter in fast-paced Miami. With time against her, the teachings of the great Marcus Garvey offer unexpected clarity and hope, and deep insight into the mind of her activist child. This novel also highlights the importance of teenagers breaking down subtle barriers, and finding unexpected bridges to new understandings and love. Sounds good to us!


‘Up You Mighty Race: An Introduction to Marcus Garvey’ by Dr. Adrian Mandara


It would be remiss of us not start with a cultural icon and key figure in black history born right here in Jamaica. The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey was Jamaica’s first National Hero, and will forever be remembered not only by Jamaicans but by people from all corners of the world for the part he played in advocating black consciousness and his Pan-African stance. If you don’t already know the message of Marcus Garvey, what are you waiting for? Grab this book for Black History Month and get yourself cultured.


‘Anancy’s African Adventures by Beulah Richmond



Bredda Anancy, bredda Anancy! Do we really have to say anything more about this one? Anancy is a legend in Jamaican folklore and culture. Many of us grew up hearing Anancy stories but somewhere along the way, the stories stop coming. That’s where comes in handy, with this collection of Anancy Stories this Black History Month. Anancy’s adventures will be sure to have you laughing up a storm this Black History Month.


‘Dancing In The Rain’ by Lynn Joseph



Black History Month is about celebrating the experiences of black people throughout history. It is about how Black People have overcome so many obstacles. This book by Lynn Joseph explores the impact of the tragic fall of the Twin Towers on two Caribbean families. It is a tale about finding joy in the face of loss. From that description alone, it sounds to us like black people have been ‘Dancing In The Rain’ for centuries. Doesn’t it?


‘Ties that Bind: The Black Family in Post-Slavery Jamaica’ by Jenny M. Jemmott



When we think of Black History Month sometimes we forget to include the contributions of regular, everyday Jamaicans in the past and what they had to overcome. This Book by Jenny Jemmott gives a peek into how the average Black Family worked following the abolition of slavery in Jamaica. The past holds all the keys to the future, so this Black History Month why not take a trip to the past with a good book?


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