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5 Must-Reads this Valentine’s Day

Books are a must have this Valentine’s Day. Whether you want one to read yourself or you’re looking for one as a gift for someone special, here are 5 books available at that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.


‘Delicacy of the Gods’ by K. Sean Harris.

This spicy fictional novel by renowned Jamaican author Sean Harris would make an excellent read this Valentine’s Day season. There’s not much to say about this one besides. “Just give it a read”. K. Sean Harris said it himself. He dubbed it “The first novel in the Caribbean to be released without a blurb. Just read.”. The man has spoken and so have we. Whether to give it a read or to give it as a gift, ‘Delicacy of the Gods’ is what your Valentine’s Day needs.



‘The Billionaire’s Proposal’  by Nene

‘The Billionaire’s Proposal’ by Nene is an erotica novel that’s a little more on the wild side so we’re going to say it’s FOR ADULTS ONLY. Valentine’s Day this year is on a Wednesday, so imagine coming home from work, doing your nightly routine and then settling in with a book like this? All the couples out there will wish they were having the kind of night you’re having as you find out what transpired between billionaire corporate raider Kyle Hernandez when he meets Nyla Garcia at a club.






‘Dance Tough Guys’ by Osmund James

Guys, we haven’t forgotten you. This one is for the men out there this Valentine’s Day. Women love a man who reads, so if you’re single this might be your chance to turn things around. ‘Dance Tough Guys’ is a Jamaican rag to riches story following a fictional 28-year-old bestselling author, the successful songwriter named Charlie with a beauty queen wife, fame, and fortune as he journeys to find inner peace. This read sounds like Valentine’s Day fit for a king to us.






‘Love’s Sweet Joy’ by Nerissa Golden

With a title like ‘Love’s Sweet Joy’ Nerissa Golden clearly wanted to stir some feelings which is really what Valentine’s Day is all about. Look at it this way, while couple are out spending all of January’s (and some of February’s) salary you’ll be snuggled up in bed reading ‘Love’s Sweet Joy’ and finding out If Callen Saunders’ is able to start over his basketball career when he returns home to Montserrat broken and bitter but is met by the love of an old flame. Who’s really winning here?



‘Am I Ready For Love?’ by Vincent Williams


Let’s be honest for a minute. The title of this book is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at least once before. And one that will probably cross everyone’s mind at some point this Valentine’s Day. It relates to both men and women of all ages. This first publication of a 3 part series author Vincent Williams has something for everyone. Whether you’re in love this Valentine’s Day, getting over a breakup or getting ready to get back in the dating world ‘Am I Ready For Love?” has something for everybody.






Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers to celebrate each other and make each other feel appreciated. That usually includes a gift that screams “I thought of you”. It’s also a time for singles to enjoy their own company and do something they enjoy, and who doesn’t enjoy reading?


Ladies, Gentlemen, we make no mistake when we say you can’t go wrong with a good book this Valentine’s Day. Especially one that’s available right at your fingertips at




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