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Android 2.14.5: Performance & Bug Focused Release

Over the past month, our team has dedicated its efforts towards enhancing the Android app through numerous fixes, stability enhancements, and performance improvements. While the introduction of new, eye-catching features often garners more attention, we firmly believe that a solid foundation is paramount. Prioritizing these aspects over the immediate launch of new functionalities ensures a smoother, more reliable user experience. After all, an app plagued by bugs or hindered by sluggish performance detracts from a pleasurable reading experience.

New & Improvements

  • Increase tap area for switching pages on tap to 15%
  • Performance improvement to remove the waiting time for a book’s highlights to be displayed ( > 2000 highlights in a single book)
  • Refactor media overlay support for EPUB 3 books and implemented support for scroll mode for these books
  • Auto page changing for media overlay (EPUB 3) during playing (between chapters)
  • Improved our tap to turn in pagination and scroll mode
  • Web links in PDFs now open in the browser

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong position of highlights menu in scroll mode (Epub book)
  • TTS: app crashes for Spanish
  • The download icon is shown for already stored books (downloaded list)
  • Crash when rotating device and otherTTS config should be synched with audio settings changes (during playing)
  • User reported PDF Bug Ui Hang
  • An user can change a page in case the text selection is working
  • Fixed default text selection blocks highlights menu and makes a screen flickering
  • Fixed page jumps when selecting text
  • Fixed custom media overlay styles gets applied in non-default themes
  • Fixed an issue with updating an author on Web and Android
  • Fixed the embedded Media Overlay Voice is not used
  • Fixed navigation from TOC does not work properly for some specific book
  • Fixed Issue with memory during the playing of a media overlay sound with a large size of a file
  • Fixed color picker dialog is cut for tablets in landscape mode
  • Fixed the same failed books are shown on the uploaded books screen for different logged users
  • Fixed an issue with page auto-turning for fixed layout book
  • Fixed EPUB Related Crash (DRM book)
  • Fixed an issue with the text sometimes looking blurry or low resolution
  • Cannot open document bug when borrow and read from library
  • Updating note from highlights page crashes
  • Default theme automatically overwrite colors in book
  • Currently reading fixes
  • Updated Palatino font 
  • Fixed editing book through long-press 
  • Fixed ANR issue for image/area highlights in PDF
  • Change highlight color icon is too big on Lenovo M9
  • RTL for fixed layout EPUBs don’t work
  • Resolved multiple issues related to PDF area/image highlights
  • Crash when user tries to send attachment using Zendesk
  • TTS crash by clicking on voice’s selection header on some devices
  • Other TTS improvements
  • Media overlays fix for fixed layout EPUBs
  • The bars are transparent for a while when the book is just opened

We are aware of two PDF issues in dark mode that impact devices that are on Android 14. This is still being worked on and will be addressed in the upcoming release. Getting these improvements and fixes out now allows us to resume adding new features. You can expect TTS improvements such as background playing, support for third party TTS engines, Hyphenation, Paragraph Spacing ,Custom Fonts & Dictionary support.

The latest update can be found in the Play Store. Thanks again for all the support and please do continue to reach out to us with feedback and suggestions to help us build your ideal reading platform.

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