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BookFusion adds support for interactive eBooks & More

Most recently, we have added support for a variety of interactive features. A small step towards  creating an eBook reading  experience beyond the current digital representation of print.

Multimedia(Video & Audio) eBooks

Immerse your readers with the support to embedded audio and videos in your eBooks.

Interactive Math books

Integrate a variety of interactivity to enhance understanding for math concepts. Simple correct or wrong or more detailed guide to the correct answer.


Read along eBooks

Have the words come alive in your eBooks.

Interactive Workbooks

With the support for multiple choice, fill in the blanks, multiple selection and others. Students and readers in general can now complete questions and workbooks directly on the device of their choice .


Children’s Book

With a multitude of interactivity features you can now create eBooks that engage and hold the attention of children.


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