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BookFusion iOS 1.30.4 – Improvements & Fixes

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Here at BookFusion, providing the very best and seamless reading experience is one of our core priorities. This results in us spending time occasionally to tend to our garden of existing features and functionality.

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  • TTS Voice selection now integrated inside the reader. Easily select your desired voice.
  • Stack Reading Position when a user scrolls using the progress bar to another location . Easily jump back to previous positions using back button in the toolbar 
  • Stack Reading Position support added for comic books 
  • Improve book cover background blur for prettier book covers. 
  • Added Dark mode support for page curl animation

TTS is supported across more than 47 languages.


  • Retain format and line breaks in book description 
  • Fixed swipe/curl pages with trackpad for the app when used on desktops (Apple Silicon machines) 
  • iPad toolbar now uses full length. 
  • Fix highlight selection for PDF when cropRect and mediaRect are not the same
  • Don’t override background and text colors for default theme
  • TTS fixes for iOS 17.1 and other improvement.
  • Fix text selection bug introduced in iOS 16.7 and iOS 17 in reflowable EPUBS
  • Fix paragraph spacing for vertical writing mode
  • Recover reader after javascript error in background
  • Fix custom themes synchronization issue with web
  • Incorrect location/reading progress when you open some books
  • Fixed Paragraph spacing with custom themes
  • Page curl animation for fixed layout epub and comic books
  • Status bar color in PDF and comic book reader

This release is primarily focused on fixes and improvements of existing features. “Squash a bug today, and keep the gremlins away!” Now that these are out of the way you can expect the next few iOS releases to contain new features and improvements. Stay tuned!

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