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BookFusion iOS 1.31.3 – Auto-Scroll , Apple Pencil Improvements & More

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Auto-scroll is now here! The auto-scroll feature is designed to enhance the reading experience for EPUBs, PDFs, and Comics. It intelligently scrolls the page according to the reading pace you set, ensuring a seamless and hands-free experience.

To enable this go to Settings -> Auto-Scroll

It might not be immediately apparent but auto-scroll has the following main benefits:

  • Hands-Free Reading: The biggest advantage is that auto-scroll allows readers to enjoy a book without having to manually turn pages or swiping the screen. This especially useful for those who are eating, playing an instrument or engaged in any activity that occupies their hands.
  • Consistent Reading Pace: It promotes a consistent reading pace, which can be beneficial for readers who are practicing speed reading or who want to maintain a steady reading speed.
  • Accessibility: For individuals with disabilities that limit manual dexterity, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel or hand tremors & others, auto-scroll makes reading more accessible and less physically demanding.

Apple Pencil Improvements

  • Use Apple Pencil along the edges of the page in scroll mode to move the page forward and backwards
  • Automatically merge highlights when conjoin using Apple Pencil
  • Expand highlight to word boundaries when highlight was created with Apple Pencil
  • Previously implemented, you can use your Apple Pencil to write notes when you make a highlight


  • Stricter gesture detection for brightness adjustments to prevent conflicts
  • Solid backgrounds on the interface and highlights page . This increases readability of text when compared to blur used previously.
  • Fix context menu position in vertical writing books. This sometimes could show under overlay controls
  • Better handling of epub books with invalid xhtml chapters
  • Fixed crash when reading position pointed to removed chapter. This happens when users update books via Calibre plugin
  • Fixed reading position in RTL EPUB books

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