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Five Great Jamaican Books for Children!

May is celebrated as Child’s Month! This is that time of year where we pay special attention to making our nation’s children feel loved and special. What better way to do that than with some really great books available at Here are 5 books to help celebrate our children this Child’s Month.


Little Island Big Adventures’ by Maria Roberts Squires

The Caribbean is full of so many colourful stories just waiting to be told. In this book, set in one of the Grenadine islands, Sara-Ann and her best friend Ruben get up to a lot of antics during a very busy school year filled with witches, bad bulls, giant cats, a graveyard adventure and other exciting events. The story celebrates friendship, family life and the security of living in a small, close-knit community. And the best part? Children AND parents can get in on the big adventure!


Bernie and the Captain’s Ghost’ By Hazel D. Campbell


There’s nothing like a good jamaican ‘Duppy Story’. Many of us grew up hearing them as children. Sad to say children aren’t hearing Duppy Stories as much these days. But not to worry, Hazel D. Campbell has us covered with ‘Bernie and the Captain’s Ghost’. Six orphans, Invited to spend their holidays in rural St Elizabeth, find themselves propelled into mystery and adventure at every turn. Who is the mysterious Captain and why is his ghost haunting the area? What are the secrets hidden at Bottom House in Green Valley? Who are the sinister men lurking around and what are they up to? Only way to answer these questions is to dive in and give it a read


Jojo’s Treasure Hunt by By Cherrell Shelley-Robinson


Okay, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? If you said no, that’s probably because you haven’t read Jojo’s Treasure Hunt. But not to worry, has you covered. Join Twelve-year-old Jojo on his quest to help his father save their home by finding a Spanish jar overflowing with treasure, but can he overcome his fear of ghosts and the dark? This father-son story is just what your Child’s Month needs. Perfect for parents and children alike.


‘Every Little Thing Will Be All Right’ By Diane Browne


“Every little thing will be all right”, Bob Marley said it first and it is still the kind of encouraging motto every child should live by. Diane Browne’s book of the same name is a collection of five highly entertaining stories about boys and girls who must find solutions to the special challenges they face. This collection is sure to get your child in the right frame of mind to push ahead no matter what life may throw their way!


‘The Tooth Fairies’ Island Adventure’ By Tracey McNair


Everyone has heard about the Tooth Fairy, but have you heard about the JAMAICAN Tooth Fairy?! This book features and classic character with an island twist. Get ready for some island fun and adventure as you join Jeanie the Jamaican tooth fairy and her best fairy friends from Great Britain, America and Canada, on the vacation of a lifetime. The four fairies get into all kinds of drama and hilarious situations that are sure to make you and your child smile. Jeanie and her friends have the time of their lives and so will you!

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