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Introducing BookFusion For Android Tablets – A New eBook Reader is in Town!

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Clean and beautifully designed!

BookFusion for Android Tablet is here! Download the app and start reading now. 

Support for PDF | EPUB | MOBI & 10 other major eBook formats

We support all major eBook formats.  Use a single and familiar interface to read all your eBooks regardless of the format.

Full support for offline reading

Read your eBooks on the go. Read on the plane, on the train, at the park, at the gym….

Organize your Library

Manage your digital library by author, categories or custom tags. Easily find the eBook you want to read.

Loan & Borrow from friends and family

Simply borrow and loan eBooks to and from friends and family the same way you would a physical book.

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Tightly integrated social experience

Discover your next great read based on the eBook highlights, bookmarks and comments being made in your network.

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This is just the beginning

BookFusion for Android tablets is currently available for download in the play store for Android 3.0 devices and higher. We will continue to roll out features in the months to come. These will include:

  • Full support for synchronization of bookmarks, comments and highlights between all devices;
  • Integration with DropBox & Google Drive;
  • Support for Phones;
  • Direct upload of eBooks from your mobile devices without using the web platform.

In order to achieve our end goal of significantly changing the reading experience and the way we consume eBooks, we must first provide a platform that meets today’s needs. BookFusion for Android marks a major milestone towards that goal!

Tell us what you think via BookFusionHQ  or drop us a line at


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