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Introducing the BookFusion Obsidian Plugin: Sync EPUB, PDF, CBZ/CBR, MOBI Highlights & Annotations to Your Vault

Elevate your Obsidian workflow with the BookFusion plugin, the premier solution for seamlessly importing highlights (including area/image and text), notes, reviews, and annotations into your Obsidian vault. 

Discover deeper understanding and insights from your consumed content with the most versatile and powerful plugin available for Obsidian. Start transforming your reading into actionable knowledge today.

To celebrate the launch of the BookFusion Obsidian plugin we are providing the Obsidian community with a discount code that gives 20% off any of our yearly plans. Please use the discount OBSIDIAN20 when signing up via the Web app. Coupon code will be valid for the next 30 days. 

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Features & Benefits

Selective sync

Sync your entire bookshelf or specify a combination of tags, eBooks, series, bookshelves. Easily sync exactly what you want to your vault. 

Atomic highlights/annotations support

Leverage the full power of Obsidian by using atomic highlights and annotations in your vault. Distill complex ideas into focused insights for better retention. Organize and connect concepts effortlessly, crafting a personalized learning experience that sparks creativity and understanding.

Multiple vault support

Most readers are multifaceted and so BookFusion provides an easy way to sync different content & templates to different vaults. This provides a structured and clutter-free reading environment, ensuring that work-related documents, leisure reads, and research materials are neatly organized and easily retrievable, enhancing your productivity.

Extremely customizable

With the power of the Liquid Templating Language at your fingertips, you have ultimate control to customize everything – from your highlights and notes to filenames and frontmatter. Tailor every aspect of your exported content to perfectly match your personal or professional needs.

Optionally generate Bookshelf, Author, Series & Category index pages to better organize content in your vault.

Powerful update policies

Say goodbye to Append only workflows and have your highlights, notes and annotations synced seamlessly into their right position without overwriting notes you make in the same markdown file using any one of our update policies below:

  • Magic: New notes/highlights are inserted based on their natural order and modified highlights updated. Useful for those that want to make edits to the synced markdown that want those retained and might also at a later date add/update notes that were made inside BookFusion.
  • Smart Insert: New notes/highlights are inserted based on their natural order without replacing any existing content. This is useful for those that tend to make changes to previously synced highlights in the markdown and do not want them overwritten but would like for new highlights to be inserted in the correct place.
  • Append: Updates get added to the end of the file.
  • Replace: Overwrites file with new content.

Automatic syncing

Sync your highlights manually or configure it to sync at 30 mins, 1 hr, 4 hr, 12 hr or 24 hr intervals. This ensures your vault is consistently up-to-date with minimal effort.

Thank you to all the readers that helped to test the plugin and took the time to provide feedback. In no specific order , special thanks ,Ondrej ,zetashift , iroQuai ,Vikarti Anatra  Cole Foxtrot, Silther tprotopopescu, bricktoad ,Paul Wood, Katie aka InsiderPhD and all the other silent testers. You all contributed in creating what we believe is the most powerful Obsidian plugin for reading and supercharging your knowledge management workflows.

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