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iOS 1.34.0 – New PDF Reader, Fixes & Improvements

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We have received many Quality of Life (QoL) requests for PDFs. Previously, we used the native Apple PDF kit for our PDF reader, but it had limitations, such as a flashing white flicker in dark mode and others.

As a result, we built a new PDF reader from the ground up and ensured it reached feature parity with the existing PDF reader which sets the stage for future PDF QoL improvements that you requested. 

New PDF Engine

  • Faster rendering with higher quality
  • Fast themes (Dark, Light, Sepia). No more flickering
  • Native PDF TTS support
  • Highlights supported with Apple Pencil
  • Password protected PDFs (iOS only)
  • Multi-column support 

  • Other features previously supported with our legacy PDF reader

Please do reach out to us at if you encounter any issues with our new PDF reader. In the interim you can temporarily enable the legacy PDF reader if preferred by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select BookFusion
  3. Select PDF Reader and click Legacy
Enabling Legacy PDF Reader for BookFusion

Now that we have more control of the PDF experience we will be able to add more of your requested features such as handwritten notes & annotations, margin cropping, disable/enable image inversion and a few others. However, we can’t spend the entire development cycle on just PDF :), so these next set of changes will come in another sprint.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix for crash related to Page curl effect
  • Fixed play from selected position TTS bug that happened with some EPUB books
  • Fixed bug related to playing TTS in the background
  • Fixed adding tags to highlight
  • Fixed text color of menu when using grey theme
  • Prevent accidentally close of the notes dialogue when writing on iPads

What can you expect next? Reviews, Other Improvements & Fixes & Widgets.

The latest update can be found in the App Store at . Thanks again for all the support and please do continue to reach out to us with feedback and suggestions to help us build your ideal reading platform.  Don’t see a feature you are looking for? Let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for the next release.

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