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Organization Digital Libraries – Waitlist/Queues Deployed!

One of the most frequently requested features for our organization libraries has been to make it possible for users to join a waitlist or queue if a book with limited licenses has already been checked out. We’re very happy to release this functionality and make it immediately available to all our organization libraries!

Viewing a Book’s Details

If you open the page for a book in your library which isn’t currently checked out, you’ll see the familiar screen like below, with options to Borrow the book or even to Read Now depending on your DRM settings.

Library book listing

Joining the Waitlist

When you have limited licenses available for a title and all those copies have been borrowed, you’ll now see a new option to Join Waitlist, with an estimate for how long you might expect to wait; this wait period is based on the Loan Period setting in each book’s metadata. In this example there’s only one copy and the loan period is 30 days.

Join Waitlist option for borrowed books

Once you’ve joined the waitlist you will automatically have the book delivered to your bookshelf when a copy is returned to the library and you are next in the queue. You can also return to the book’s page and click the Leave Waitlist button that will appear for any titles you’ve queued up for.

Estimated Wait for Availability

If multiple persons have joined the waitlist before you, you’ll see the estimated time increase accordingly and how many people are already waiting, so you can take this into account when joining the waitlist and you can check back for updates.

Estimated waitlist time and position in queue

Now your organization’s members won’t have to check back regularly to see if a title is available. Instead they can queue up for as many titles as they’re interested in and have them automatically pushed to their bookshelf as soon as a copy is freed up. Happy reading everyone!

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