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Web App & Web Reader Updates – 04/14/21

The team has been hard at work to bring some great new updates to the platform in order to improve the reading experience for users. Read through the details below and let us know what you think!


  • Virtual bookshelves – You can now easily create and use virtual bookshelves to better organize your collection or create custom lists
  • Favorites, Plan to Read, and Completed are now more easily accessible.
Bookshelf Updates
  • Filter by Tags, Categories, and Authors – Now you can easily find the exact book you are looking for by quickly combining filters, no matter the size of your collection.
Filter by Category, Authors & Tags
  • You can also quickly filter your highlights by Tags, Categories, and Authors in order to find highlights that are in a single eBook or related highlights across multiple eBooks.

EPUB Reader

EPUB reader now supports the following:

  • Single and Dual Column views
  • Line Spacing
  • Added support for scroll mode/view
  • Zoom images (double-click) reflowable
New Settings

PDF Reader

We’ve deployed a new PDF reader that is faster and much more seamless, which gives us multiple new things that we can support within BookFusion, including the following:

  • 5 themes (beyond just Dark and Light modes)
  • Single and Dual Column
  • Vertical Scrolling
  • Horizontal Scrolling
  • Zoom
  • Fast Search
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Bonus: Android Beta Update

The team has been diligently working to get the mobile app on Android much more feature rich and synced up with the web and iOS platforms, and we’re ready to start rolling out Beta invites to those who have signed up. If you already signed up, keep an eye on your email inbox for your invite to get started soon. Not signed up yet? Use the links at the top of the sub to join our Discord and request a Beta invite there and we’ll get you hooked up.


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