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Web Update: Quality of Life improvements & Others

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We have been making improvements on the Web to improve performance, support upcoming new features and more that are not immediately visible.

Allow Configuring Margins

You can now easily adjust the vertical margins to better improve your reading experience.

Maintain Highlight Format on Export

It is important to maintain the format of the highlights as they are inside the eBook to retain all context. We now maintain 100% of the formatting when exported in Markdown, PDF & HTML such as bullets, italics, underline and more.

Copy Link/Location to Direct Highlight & Annotation

You can copy the direct link/location to the highlight and annotation you made. This allows you to share these links in your notes and other applications. This is particularly useful for those that integrate their highlights and annotations into other notes and knowledge management apps.

Show last 5 used colors in reader when creating a highlight

Your last 5 used colors are now quickly available at the top level. You can always change the color of the highlight after you made the initial highlight if needed.

Support Text Alignment Settings

You can now easily change the text alignment between justified, right, center and left align on Web.

We continue to complete development of “Branch” the social aspect of the platform that will allow you to easily share and borrow your ebooks from friends and family, overlay the highlights and annotations of friends and family directly inside your own copy of the same eBook, have discussions and more. All of the social aspect of the platform is completely opt-in as we take a privacy first approach.

Please do let us know if you have any feedback or features that you would like to see implemented

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